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When we started FlyteOne™, we made it our main mission to develop an ownership program that would not only be affordable, but accessible.
More importantly, we wanted to develop a whole new way of doing business that would be all about the pilots. First, we'd get the aircraft they want. Then we'd help match them with other pilots who were interested in sharing ownership and building hours. To make sure the service we provide is top-notch, we'd staff it with some of the best aviation talent from across the country. Finally, we'd take care of all the paperwork, insurance, maintenance, and nearly everything else, so all an owner would have to do is Pick a Plane and Go™. We're proud to say that's what you'll find with FlyteOne™. We're currently building our nationwide network and initial pilot response has been incredible. We hope you'll join us! Call us today! 877-799-1410

Future Opportunities
Pick Your Plane & Go!

We're a turn-key fractional ownership service for pilots who love to fly

Current Opportunities
Fly Your Plane & Go!

It's really that simple. Then, if you want to try out a different aircraft in our fleet, you can-for just the hourly flight time.

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